Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unexpected pause

Dear Noah and Ollie,

It's been a while since I wrote to you. Once again, days fly by so fast and I never have time for everything. But today the universe gave me an unexpected pause. My computer crashed at work so I am sitting here unable to do anything productive; hence I decided it's the perfect opportunity to write to you guys. It's December 14th, 2017, almost Christmas. First Christmas with both of you, although technically last year Ollie was already there in my belly. I'm very excited about the holidays this year for many reasons. One, I will have some time with your father alone, to reconnect and have some fun on our own - not that it's not fun with you guys every day, but there are too many days, weeks, months going by without your father and I talking to each other like we used to. Things are too busy and we are both focusing on you two - probably because you guys are just so damn cute. One day you guys will know how life is with your own babies, and you will understand the reason for not writing more often.

Anyway, Noah you are almost 2.5 years old and just sooooo entertaining, it's hard to describe. You are sweet and caring and just adorable. Also incredibly energetic, active and smart as a whip. So many times I know you are playing us to get what you want, but i just can't resist. You are learning to speak so fast, it's hard to keep up. And you do understand a lot of Spanish and some Hungarian (I hope you will understand more of that soon). You love your new school, and your teachers and you already charmed yourself into their hearts. I don't know how you do it, you got that from daddy. You are now potty training and you are doing so well, we are so proud. You still have some ways to go, especially with pooping in the toilet, but you will get there in no time. You are fearless, and stubborn, so once you decide you are ready, there will be no stop.

Ollie, you are just a sweet pea. You love to cuddle (sleep in my big bed) and you follow me everywhere with your eyes, I love that! You are crawling super fast and now stand up more and more with the help of some furniture. You could be walking in no time, although you are so efficient crawling that i wonder if you will just take your time. It's fine by me if you do! No rush. Your brother loves you and you obviously adore him. I can't tell you guys how happy that makes me and Daddy. I can already tell that you guys will be different but inseparable.

No you are a fireball, but with an incredibly deep sense of empathy. You like to misbehave to test boundaries, but when someone seems to get hurt, you are the first one to help. I love that about you. You are only two years old but I already look to you sometimes when i need some uplifting - I don't want that to become a burden though, so I am careful.

Ollie, you are just an abundance of love. You are smart as whip but in a quieter way, which will get you far in this life. You are patient (unless you are hungry) and you adapt very well to any situation. You are willing to back off, but you know what you want, and you go for it. All of these are commendable characteristics and I hope you will hold onto them.

I have to go now to pick you guys up, I can't wait!!! I will write more soon! In the meantime, I am posting a recent picture of you guys - so handsome!!!