Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter - my favorite holiday/tradition. You guys don't know this yet, but I love this holiday. In my life and mind it has always been filled with happiness. We have a fun tradition (not Easter egg hunt) in Hungary that i hope your Daddy will cherish and teach you one day. So far he hasn't been able to get there, but hopefully soon, because you guys are already old enough to enjoy it and i would love that!

In Hungary, Easter is a 4 day holiday. Everything is closed and no one works Friday through Monday. 4 day holiday at the start of spring. Friday is good Friday so you are not supposed to eat meat. Saturday and Sunday is usually lots of family time and outdoor fun and Monday is "locsolas". This is when based on the old tradition, the boys of the town (or family) wake up early morning, and go to "water" the girls. In small villages this usually means all boys go around the village and knock on each girl's door to do this. In our family, it was just the family. The boy says a short poem comparing the girl to a beautiful flower and asks permission to water the girl ("flower") which can be done by water or cologne on top of the head. IN exchange the girl thanks the boy and gives him a hand painted egg (hard-boiled, don't try this with uncooked egg haha).

I remember my mom always had tulips and other Easter flowers in the house and decorated it.
We eat ham, hard boiled eggs, "kalacs" which is challah bread, tomatoes, peppers on Easter. So yummy!!!

it makes me said that in 9 years Daddy has not been able to follow this tradition, no matter how important it is for me. it makes me mad that he makes me cry and that this time you guys had to see that and asks what's wrong. I keep hoping one year, but this time it really hurt. This morning he tried to make up for it, but he has never really looked into how this is done, so he can't do it or teach you the right way. I hope one year.

Nevertheless he made you guys wake up this morning, give me flowers, and try to water me, but he doesn't understand the meaning of it, so the words aren't right. Still, both of you were soooo cute. My gosh, you guys bring me so much happiness in this world. Thank you.

Love, Mommy

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