Monday, April 22, 2019

Noah and the numbers

My Dearest Noah,

Your new favorite number is ONE HUNDRED.

You have been going around the house counting everything left and right and then suddenly jumping to ONE HUNDRED, just so you can say it. My absolute favorite thing int he whole world is when you say "Mommy! Guess what? You want to know how many I love you?" and when I say Yes, your answer is "ONE HUNDRED million!".

You are just awesome. I love hearing all the new things you learn, including new words, and phrases you put together and try using it different context. Like the other day I asked you to climb into the car but you had your toys in your hand, and when i got frustrated and said "get in the car already" you said 'I'm not an octopus, I only have two hands" hahahaha Smarty pants:) You are only 3.5! I love you Buddy and I love your stories! You can talk for hours without stopping, weaving stories together in a way that i feel like you could be a flim-maker one day. Never lose this ability and never ever let anyone make you feel that what you have to say isn't important. EVERYTHING you say is precious my son.

- Mommy

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